City parking solutions

The unique Car Tower parking system is the ideal parking solution for urban areas. It is quiet, space-saving can accommodate up to 16 cars. It has many variants of cladding, it can be adapted to almost any architectural environment. It can be controlled securely from the panel by card, chip, or developed mobile application.

CAR TOWER is a maximally flexible system with the possibility of disassembly and relocation to any location during the entire life of the structure. The CAR TOWER parking system is designed with the maximum degree of unification of individual components and is thus structurally prepared for the possibility of additional roofing, covering, or the use of other accessories made at the customer's request.

The installation does not burden the operation and infrastructure for a long time, as its installation using a crane will take from 3 to 5 working days, depending on the height of the tower. It is based on notification and meets all necessary European standards.